Alcomex specialises in the production, distribution and sale of a wide range of springs and wire and sheet products, as well as R&D in this field.

With modern production and distribution centres in Opmeer (the Netherlands), Breukelen (the Netherlands), Hilvarenbeek (the Netherlands), Moravany Brno (the Czech Republic), Sibiu (Romania), Goch (Germany), Marki (Poland), Nędza (Poland), Paris (France) and Pune (India), Alcomex guarantees technical workmanship, optimal quality, flexible delivery, good service and competitive pricing. The Alcomex product range includes: compression springs, torsion springs, leaf springs, retaining springs, disc springs, extension springs, wire springs, die springs, door springs, finger springs, sinusoidal springs and many other products. Our springs are available in a wide range of dimensions and designs straight from stock. In addition, a great many of our springs are made to order based upon customer specifications and have been successfully used in various sectors, in applications ranging from simple industrial products to high-quality machines, from construction products to the automotive industry and from coffee machines to aircraft manufacturing. Alcomex is one of the largest producers of spring solutions for overhead doors in Europe and is known for its just-in-time service, high quality, technical expertise and competitive pricing. Alcomex also supplies special springs for high-tech applications, for example in the optical and medical industries. Alcomex springs are manufactured from high-quality spring steel according to DIN/EN standards, and are subject to strict quality control. Alcomex also has an R&D department dedicated to the continuous improvement of our company.

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