Die springs

Die springs

stempelveren tekeningDie springs were developed especially to achieve high tension in confined spaces. The too high requirements imposed on these springs are a consequence of too high frequencies which the stamps (punches) are burdened with in practice. Due to the application of high-quality chrome-vanadium-spring steel (50CrV4/ DIN 17225/ SAE 6150) and a special wire geometry (rectangle wire) a maximum of pressure strength and lifespan is achieved.


Die springs from stock

Die springs have been applied in machine construction for many years. Based on this, a standard programme was developed. Alcomex has this entire DIN-programme in stock. The springs from stock can easily be ordered online, from our web shop.

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Custom made die springs

If your specification deviates from the standard programme, the Alcomex engineering team can advise you regarding customer-specific custom made springs.

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