Door springs

Door springs

Alcomex is one of the largest manufacturers of torsion and extension spring systems in Europe, for industrial as well as residential overhead doors. Years of technical knowledge and the close cooperation with all large door manufacturers has ensured that our supply programme and all production processes are fully adapted to the needs and wishes of the customer.


The innovative extension springs system QUATTRO

In addition to a spring programme, fully available from stock, we have a completely patented programme for extension spring systems, customed to the European standards. View the various possibilities of our innovative extension spring system QUATTRO.

Quality, service and reliability of all our spring systems are the key issue and in order to guarantee this, all our standard door spring systems are treated in advanced shot-blasting installations, heat-treated and powder-coated as a corrosion protector. The material specifications specified by Alcomex additionally contribute to the lengthening of the lifespan and they increase the burdening capacity. If desired, supply in galvanised or phosphate model is possible.


Door springs from stock

Over the past 25 years, we have built a special stock programme with spring systems for 80% to 90% of all practical industrial and residential overhead doors, which is why we guarantee a “just in time” delivery. The right door spring can easily be ordered online, from our web shop.

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Custom made door springs

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the area of research & development, we will be glad to advise you concerning an efficient balancing of your overhead door. Should the required spring system not be available from our standard stock, then we can always manufacture springs custom made that suit the application and are adapted to your specific wishes.

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