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  1. Alcomex is happy to expand its product range with flat strip springs.

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    Spring hinges, self-retracting devices, seat belts, fall arresters, seat tippers, cable retractors, timers, but also use in children’s toys as ecological alternatives to batteries. This is just a brief list of a large number of uses of a separate group of coil springs made of flat (most often rolled carbon steel or high-strength stainless steel) tape. This group includes clock springs, constant force springs and power springs.

    The construction of these three types of springs is visually similar. However, in terms of functionality and application, the springs are fundamentally different. The clock springs with space between the individual turns work without any contact between the threads. The developed force increases during winding and decreases during unwinding. Very often the working range is only within one coil turn. Conversely, constant force springs and power springs are tightly wound on each other and the force is created by partial or complete unrolling. 

    There are very few companies that can produce these springs. Not only the production itself is demanding. However, the manufacturer must also have strong technical know-how and the ability to provide the customer with the necessary technical support, often starting at an early stage of the customer’s idea or development. And very often it is not just the production of the coil spring itself. Part of the development, production and delivery is also assembly into various types of housings in which the springs are located and work in them.

    One of our brand new production plants focuses on the production of these coil flat springs. State-of-the-art production technologies are complemented by a large R&D team, and the considerable logistics capabilities within our large Lesjöfors group allow the springs to be delivered worldwide. Take a look at our flat strip springs.

  2. Roaring times! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful 2022!

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    2021 has been another eventful year. A year full of challenges, but also opportunities. We are looking ahead to the future with confidence.

    In 2021 Alcomex has worked hard to be an excellent partner for you with a reliable performance. We are proud to see our Net Promotor Score (customer satisfaction performance) has increased from 52 to 54 points. This confirms that our customers are sharing this feeling.

    At Alcomex an outstanding customer service, advanced spring technology, the latest production techniques and operational excellence are at the center of our business.  We do not stand still, but always look to how we can improve in the future. In this way, as your partner in springs, we can support you in the best possible way.

    Roaring times. Developments of Alcomex in 2021

    Alcomex did not stand still in 2021. Times like these require an adaptive approach; companies need to be flexible to respond to unexpected trends or changes, while also maintaining a stable, strong and clear strategy. We would like to take you on a tour of some notable highlights of the past year.

    Alcomex Climate Journey

    Global warming is a major challenge for the world. At Alcomex we see this as an important topic for which we must take responsibility, together with our stakeholders.

    In addition to reducing Alcomex’s CO2 emissions through various reduction initiatives, Alcomex compensates for its entire CO2 emissions footprint by planting trees. Last year we planted more than 6.800 trees to compensate for the CO2 emissions.

    The challenges of energy transition offer Alcomex the opportunity to take an industry leading role in the springs industry.

    Online growth of the Alcomex Group

    An important pillar of growth is our digital expansion. In the past year, for example, we rolled out several e-commerce stores, including a French and Spanish one. This enables us to supply technical springs directly from stock in several countries within Europe. In this way we ensure high-quality springs and a “just-in-time delivery” within Europe.

    However, the online growth does not stop at Alcomex. A completely new website has also been developed for our brands VIOD springs and Qsprings. In this way we are building a sustainable online presence and growth for the Alcomex Group.

    Scaling up production capacity

    With an increasing demand, it is important that we continue to scale up our production capacity for now and for the future. To make this production capacity possible, substantial investments have been made in, among other things: new tempering furnaces, new CNC-coiling and bending machines, new spring fitting lines, new spring cutting machines and new grinding machines.

    The aim is to expand the production facility in India by 2,500 m2 by 2022 and the production facility in Poland by 5,200 m2 to be able to meet the needs of our customers even better and faster.

    We are pleased to be your partner in springs again in 2022!

    We wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a healthy and successful 2022!

    The complete Alcomex team

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