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  1. Alcomex Springs: 30 years anniversary

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    30 years of exceeding customers’ expectations is the secret of Alcomex’s success!

    We have something to celebrate! In 1992 Alcomex Springs was formally registered as a BV, which means that Alcomex exists 30 years and we celebrate this on September 2nd , 2022.

    In the past 30 years a lot has happened and we can reflect on some great moments:

    We are very proud, with a fantastic team of 350 employees, to be looking back at our 30 years of
    company history.

    “The Alcomex Family”

    We realize that the secret of our success must lie in trying to satisfy our customers’
    expectations and being even better tomorrow. 30 years of growth and happy customers and other
    stakeholders is a great achievement, but it means nothing if tomorrow we would disappoint our
    customers by late delivery, poor quality, uncompetitive prices or failing customer service. Therefore
    we will continue our journey in the future with exceeding the expectation of all our stakeholders.
    We are proud of reaching this milestone and would like to thank everyone, especially our employees, for their contribution.

    Kind regards,
    Management Board
    Alcomex Springs Group

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