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  1. Alcomex is happy to expand its product range with flat strip springs.

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    Spring hinges, self-retracting devices, seat belts, fall arresters, seat tippers, cable retractors, timers, but also use in children’s toys as ecological alternatives to batteries. This is just a brief list of a large number of uses of a separate group of coil springs made of flat (most often rolled carbon steel or high-strength stainless steel) tape. This group includes clock springs, constant force springs and power springs.

    The construction of these three types of springs is visually similar. However, in terms of functionality and application, the springs are fundamentally different. The clock springs with space between the individual turns work without any contact between the threads. The developed force increases during winding and decreases during unwinding. Very often the working range is only within one coil turn. Conversely, constant force springs and power springs are tightly wound on each other and the force is created by partial or complete unrolling. 

    There are very few companies that can produce these springs. Not only the production itself is demanding. However, the manufacturer must also have strong technical know-how and the ability to provide the customer with the necessary technical support, often starting at an early stage of the customer’s idea or development. And very often it is not just the production of the coil spring itself. Part of the development, production and delivery is also assembly into various types of housings in which the springs are located and work in them.

    One of our brand new production plants focuses on the production of these coil flat springs. State-of-the-art production technologies are complemented by a large R&D team, and the considerable logistics capabilities within our large Lesjöfors group allow the springs to be delivered worldwide. Take a look at our flat strip springs.

  2. Expansion and improvement of our machinery in the Czech Republic

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    Alcomex Industrial has been around for more than 25 years and is still growing fast. From a capacity point of view, a number of years ago we started the systematic replacement and improvement of our machinery in the Czech Republic.

    In addition to the most recent investment of the WAFIOS FMU 40 wire bending and torsion springs machine, we are now following through on these developments by purchasing the WAFIOS FUL 46 spring winding-machine.

    Technical specifications

    FUL WAFIOS 46 Machine

    The WAFIOS FUL 46 has a reach of ø 0.9 mm up to ø 4.5 mm. The machine is able to produce large quantities of compression springs as well as the wound part of the tension springs, very quickly. Additionally, the machine has a high machine availability; high quality standards that guarantee flawless production and unprecedented flexibility and operational comfort, thanks to the modular design.

    By purchasing the WAFIOS FUL 46, we have allowed ourselves to keep the delivery times short. Also we can charge even more competitive prices in case of larger production numbers.

  3. Expansion of production facility Czech Republic

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    Given the increasing amount of questions by customers, Alcomex doubled its spring production capacity.

    Alcomex has started the construction of the expansion of the spring production facility in the Czech Republic. The required additional capacity (space and machinery) will ensure Alcomex to meet the increasing requirements for its industrial springs in the Netherlands and its foreign branches. The construction is expected to be finished during the first quarter of 2019, as a result of which Alcomex will be able to serve you even better in 2019.

    Do you have questions about the possibilities regarding your challenge? Then contact us!

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