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  1. The Role of the Alcomex Group in Railway

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    Alcomex group railway

    Our modern society literally and figuratively moves on rails, and the Alcomex Group is at the frontline of progress in the railroad industry. In a world of safety and innovation, Alcomex plays a crucial role in optimizing our railroads and trains.

    The Growing Challenge of Railways

    The constant growth of rail passengers is putting pressure on our rail network and train infrastructure. Despite numerous expansion efforts in recent years, it is clear that more is needed to accommodate this growing demand.

    Alcomex in Action: Project at Kijfhoek

    In 2023, the Alcomex group, in cooperation with Kampa International, completed an impressive project at the Kijfhoek shunting yard between Barendrecht and Zwijndrecht. It involved the implementation of a new rail attachment, specifically adapted to the changes in trolleys at the Kijfhoek. This adaptation not only complied with the European guidelines for rail fastening systems (EN 13149 – 1 to 8), but also created the required space between the fastening and the rails.

    rangerterein klijfhoek
    © ANP
    railway kijfhoek
    © 2020 foto/photo Siebe Swart

    A Reliable Partner in the Railway Segment

    In recent years, the Alcomex group has strengthened its reputation as a reliable partner in the railway segment. One of the important focus areas is noise reduction. In accordance with an announcement to the European Parliament and the Council, which emphasizes the need to reduce noise levels to reduce health damage, Alcomex has patented innovative solutions.

    Innovation for Noise Reduction

    The Alcomex group’s patented innovations demonstrate not only manufacturing advantages, but also significant price advantages over existing leaf spring applications. Attaching noise reducing material to the rails is not only a technological breakthrough, but also an economically responsible choice.

    Future With Alcomex

    Are you interested in the leading solutions of the Alcomex group? We are ready to welcome your inquiries and introduce you to the innovative future of the rail industry. Together we move forward, in a safe and efficient way.

  2. VIOD has become part of the Alcomex Group

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    To the employees, customers and suppliers of Alcomex

    On October the 18th 2019 an important transfer took place. VIOD Verenfabriek B.V. has become part of the Alcomex Group. Merss. Ben van Nieuwkerk en Barrie Goenee will remain the Managing Directors of VIOD. We are very pleased that VIOD is joining the Alcomex Group.

    It has been our preference to take over a company which is complementary to Alcomex, creating a strong combination with added value and security for employees, customers and suppliers. The combination of Alcomex and VIOD is strong because both companies complement each other very well with regard to both technical and production knowledge as well as the product market combinations in which both companies are active.

    A transfer at VIOD was to be expected because both Mr. Van Nieuwkerk and Mr. Goenee have no natural successor in their families and, after respectively 37 and 20 years of building  VIOD into what it is today, they wished to transfer their responsibilities timely in order to secure further expansion and internationalization.

    We have known Ben van Nieuwkerk and Barrie Goenee for some time now and we are impressed how they, together with all employees, have successfully transformed VIOD into a solid technical company in recent years with an excellent reputation in the market.

    VIOD will continue as an independent company within the Alcomex Group, and we are convinced it has a bright future with its present organization, location and name.

    We are pleased that Ben van Nieuwkerk and Barrie Goenee will remain actively involved with VIOD in the coming years, so as to ensure a smooth and thorough transition and to further grow VIOD.

    We would like to stress that the success of VIOD has been built thanks to the effort and help of its employees, customers, suppliers and other business relations.

    With confidence we look forward to a continuous successful collaboration with all stakeholders of VIOD and Alcomex. You can find more information on VIOD on

    Best regards,

    Jelle van Vliet and Conrad Hietink

  3. Risk management through Failure Mode Effects Analysis

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    Lately, we are being increasingly confronted with Failure Mode Effect Analysis (also known as FMEAs). An FMEA is a system for analysing the design of a product or system, for the purpose of identifying potential product or system errors and then taking steps to prevent these (i.e. risk management).

    Identifying failure

    All FMEA processes start with identifying “failure modes”, so the way in which a product/process code fails. For us in the springs industry, these “failure modes” come down to identifying the effect of when a spring breaks or simply stops working over time.

    FMEA was a fairly new concept for Alcomex, but now that we are becoming increasingly involved in making customer-specific springs and thinking with the customer about a system solution, it is becoming ever more important. That is why FMEA has become increasingly central within Alcomex and Alcomex has mastered the “language” of FMEA. This enables Alcomex to better determine Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) within spring projects.

    RPN = (Severity) x (Frequency of occurrence) x (Likelihood of detection)

    • Severity: How severe is the failure?
    • Frequency of occurrence: How often can this occur?
    • Likelihood of detection: How likely is it that they are noticed when they occur?

    Advising customers regarding their spring solution

    BY performing an FMEA, we show customers which failures/errors have the greatest impact on the design, which are unlikely to be identified and what Alcomex can offer as a solution for prevention.

    The engineers within the Technology department of Alcomex describe FMEA projects as “super fun to do”. It allows them to dive very deep into the technology, whereby broad professional knowledge and expertise are crucial. Of course, we want to keep things clear at the core, which is why we focus on KISS (keep it stupid simple).

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